5 Reasons You Would Benefit from a Neuropsychological Evaluation

  1. You have suffered from a brain injury such as a concussion or stroke
  2. You feel your quality of life has decreased because of a serious brain injury
  3. You’ve noticed difficulty with memory, concentration, organization, or similar skills
  4. Your inability to focus has interfered with your work life
  5. You feel your ability to perform day to day activities has declined

A neuropsychologist can identify areas of disruption due to these conditions through a neuropsychological evaluation. The purpose of this comprehensive evaluation is to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses an individual may present with as well as their implications. Areas that neuropsychological evaluations will assess include:

  • Processing speed
  • Memory
  • Visuospatial skills
  • Learning and attention
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Problem solving
  • Personality traits and mood

Obtaining this evaluation helps a treatment team to identify the most appropriate next steps for patients. They not only can identify the most appropriate treatment, but can assist in identifying and providing recommendations for any potential treatment obstacles that may appear.