EndoMedix Triumphs at Prestigious Ignite Healthcare Network Fire Pitch Competition

Houston, Texas – November 10, 2021 – EndoMedix, an innovative technology platform developing engineered biosurgery devices, proudly represented their groundbreaking work in the medical field at the Ignite Healthcare Network’s annual Fire Pitch Competition. Co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development, Piyush Modak, showcased its flagship product PlexiClotTM Absorbable Hemostat for brain and spinal surgery.

The Ignite Healthcare Network, a nonprofit organization, supports female entrepreneurs in the health tech industry and held its competition on November 9th at the Ion in Houston. It featured 19 accelerated startup leaders, presenting to an audience of judges and esteemed guests.

Dr. John M. Abrahams founded the Company with Weiliam Chen, Ph.D. in 2006 to develop hydrogels in surgery. To date, they with company have filed over 10 patents related to their technology.

EndoMedix, based in New Jersey, was selected as one of the eight exceptional finalists amid tough competition. Modak presented the PlexiClotTM Absorbable Hemostat technology, which was developed to address pressing clinical needs, demonstrating the promise it holds for improving surgical outcomes in critical brain and spinal procedures.

“We are delighted to have been part of Ignite Healthcare Network’s annual Fire Pitch Competition,” Piyush Modak said. “It was an enriching experience sharing the stage with such incredible health tech startups, all working towards making a significant impact on healthcare. We believe that the PlexiClotTM Absorbable Hemostat has the potential to revolutionize the future of biosurgery devices and patient outcomes. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to make that future a reality.”

EndoMedix is dedicated to developing high-quality, innovative products that can fundamentally change surgical procedures for the better.

For more information about EndoMedix and PlexiClotTM Absorbable Hemostat, visit,1,1OlUyHCX7QGQPR5dX3mHhzpktzB8tCayiUS1Jaf0zr2a0EK3gP8JfvZwGi3LNtnNq91fxz_Ko2ZuC6fLXa1L9GJlUj0PpScIBTaWyZYTZRAcIc,&typo=1

About EndoMedix: EndoMedix, based in New Jersey, is a health tech startup developing engineered biosurgery devices providing solutions to unmet clinical needs. Their premier device, PlexiClotTM Absorbable Hemostat is set to change the field of brain and spinal surgeries.